Migle Backovaite


Photography to me is like a channel through which I speak the language of my soul. With no words needed. Whether it is just the emotional attachment or visual impact, philosophical implication or a certain concept, or even sexual sublimation- all of these elements come out like a fountain of subconsciousness in the form of visual still or moving images.

In my personal photography I like creating an image of the self that is not yet known, the self that is full of mysticism and intrigue. I like exploring the darker side of the moon as well as the hidden parts of the human nature. Through photography I get to know myself.

Photography to me is also the means of showing the beauty that surrounds us, – be it a withering leaf on the pavement or a human body in its full blossom.

My inspiration comes from my fantasy and imagination, also Greek mythology, books read, movies seen, dreams, episodes observed, and just momentary reactions to the world. Though anything can trigger my fantasy.

I love theater and performance and therefore involve body painting, make-up, and theater grimas as part of the creative process. I tend to photograph people who are character full, expressive, and somewhat irregular in respect to society, sexuality, and general understanding of beauty.

I am fascinated by human form and expression: moods, movement, faces, body lines, temperaments, and the fact that each individual is so unique. There is no repetition of any kind, both, in the shape and the way mind works.

However, my true self I find in landscapes. There is no need to analyse, interpret, or understand, – the creation is in front of me, pure and clear, even though ever-changing but beautiful forever.

24.11.07 OUT OF CONTROL group exhibition @ THE Bumbershoot Studio, London
22.03.08 EASTER POLTERGEIST group exhibition @ THE Bumbershoot Studio, London
07.06.08 ELSEWHERE group exhibition @ THE Lithuanian Embassy, London
07.03.09 THE SECRET MARKET group exhibition @ THE Secret Market Gallery, London
27.02.10 AS ESU CIA group exhibition, Huttenfeld, Germany
13.10.10 CULTURE JAM, group exhibition @ THE East Gallery, Brick Lane, London
09.12.10 MAPALIM group exhibition @ THE Mapalim Gallery, London
16.12.10 SALON VOGUE group exhibition, London
20.05.11 IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER group exhibition, the Cave gallery, London
23.06.11 CUP SOUPgroup exhibition , La Maison De Fay , London
13.10.11 AGGRESSION group exhibition, St Pauls Church, Covent Garden, London 31.12.11 BIG and DIRTYgroup exhibition , Vilnius, Gorky Bar, Lithuania 27.04.12 THE WAY WE CAME THE WAY WE SHALL RETURN , personal exhibition in the Cave gallery, London. 20.08.12 CREATIVE CREATURESgroup exhibition, London, Doodle bar 08.10.12 LIGHT-HEADEDphotography exhibition, London, Gallery320, part of Photomonth 06.07.13 VISITORSpop-up exhibition of international photography, Wales, Abertillery 07.03.14 Dall 'Esterno , the Kickplate Project group exhibition, Italy, Naples 08.08.14 Dall 'Esterno , the Kickplate Project group exhibition,Wales, Abertillery 02.10.14 LIGHTHEADED group exhibition, London, 320 Gallery 12.11.14Nėra laiko. Jie ir be Jų, personal exhibition, Panevėžys, Lithuania 15.08.21Nėra laiko. Jie ir be Jų`, personal exhibition @ KKKC, Klaipeda,Lithuania


  • Analogue photography
  • portraits
  • landscapes
  • art photography
  • image manipulation
  • art direction and styling